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+7 ‎(925) 792-98-57
+7 (968) 865-22-19
2x.xx RUB/liter
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About us

Today Pushkinskaya GRS is a modern well-organized enterprise, which provide customers in Moscow and its close vicinity with gas products of high quality (technical propane butane mixture, autogas, isobutane). Our company is a LPG leading supplier.

Our main advantages are high quality of products along with timely and uninterrupted supply. In course of our business we rely on sales of gases, manufactured by Oil Company Lukoil that correspond to the highest standards of LPG, both in summer and winter seasons.

Pushkinskaya GRS is able to provide its clients with premium fuel all over the year due to possessing of the underground tank farm with simultaneous internal volume of storage of 600 tons along with modern tubing equipment produced by American company Corken.

Our company advance steadily by modernizing the material and technical facilities and by implementing the latest business processes automation systems.

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