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Gas cylinders exchange and refilling

Prices for the gas cylinders refilling
Propane cylinder 5 liters

170 rubles per one

Propane cylinder 12 liters

400 rubles per one

Propane cylinder 27 liters

600 rubles per one

Propane cylinder 50 liters

1100 rubles per one

Working hours

From 8-00 AM till 19-00 PM by Moscow standard time, seven days a week even on weekend and public holidays

Payment arrangements

Cash or cashless settlement

* We make the exchange of the empty gas cylinders for the gas cylinders of the same capacity.


Gas-distribution stations are the explosion hazardous industrial facilities. According to the 116-FZ “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities” of July 21, 1997, the firm requirements are imposed to such objects, as follows:

  • gas-distribution stations must have a License for operations of industrial facilities with explosion and fire hazards due to the 99-FZ Concerning the Licensing of Certain Types of Activities of May 04, 2011;
  • the gas cylinders must be filled by the special equipment, in particular by the carousel refilling equipment and floor weighing terminals that must be serviced at the times and in the manner specified in the technical documentation. The premises of the gas-distribution station must be equipped with the combined extract-and-input system and air pollution alarm system (according to the Safety rules for facilities using liquefied hydrocarbon gases, approved by the Decree № 558 of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of November 21, 2013);
  • the gas cylinders must refueled at a strictly determined temperature (in heated spaces the temperature must be equal to or more than +10C and at outdoor venues the temperature must be equal to or more than -20C).

Before the refueling the personnel of the gas-distribution stations must test the suitability of the gas cylinders to their further usage (approved by the Decree № 116 of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of March 25, 2014.

Nowadays the number of gas cylinders’ exchange and refilling stations is few and the part of them doesn’t comply with the abovementioned requirements. As a result, customers are forced to refuel gas cylinders in undesignated areas. This causes the situation, when the accidents in using and transportation of gas cylinders become systematic in the Russian Federation. By various estimates from 30 mln to 50 mln of gas cylinders, used in the Russian Federation, are potentially dangerous.

Pushkinskaya GRS has all necessary authorizations and approvals, and most-up-to-date equipment is fitted up in the station. This allows to guarantee the safety and quality of the services.


Refilling of the gas cylinders

Refilling of the gas cylinders is a dangerous process that requires a permanent control on every stage. On the territory of Pushkinskaya GRS the gas cylinders are refilled with the modern equipment by the qualified personnel.

The first stage is preliminary. It assumes that the gas cylinder shall be professionally examined to detect it technical condition. On the second stage (in the gas cylinder is admitted suitable) the gas cylinder is connected on the refuel point and the leak-proofness of the gas cylinder is checked. On the final stage the stopper plugs (or special globe valves) are opened and gas begins to fill the gas cylinder. After the gas fills the cylinder, the refueled gas cylinder is closed up, the globe valve is covered by the protective cap, and then the gas cylinder is ready for release.

Exchange of the gas cylinders

Our clients have the opportunity to exchange the empty gas cylinder for previously filled one. The need only to deliver their own empty gas cylinders to Pushkinskaya GRS. If the clients have no opportunity to deliver the gas cylinder by their own forces, they may make an order for the delivery to any convenient address. They need only to connect our managers. We deliver the gas at the day of the order is received.

Call +7 (495) 749-95-04 or place the order on our site to order the gas refilling or the gas cylinders’ exchange in Moscow, or to ask any questions about gas cylinders exchange and refilling.

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