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Gas cylinder maintenance

Prices for the gas cylinder maintenance
* Call 8 (495) 749-95-04 for more information about gas cylinder maintenance.
Globe valve repair (detail + work) 400,00 rubles
Heel repair (heel + globe valve + work) 550,00 rubles
Condensate disposal 200,00 rubles
Gas cylinder certification 800,00 rubles
Gas cylinder’s coating 350,00 rubles

Any types of works with gas cylinders must be provided by highly skilled specialists, because this affects the safety of the gas cylinder’s user. Our personnel shall provide the professional covering and maintenance of the gas cylinders, shall replace the defective and faulty parts of the equipment.

Nowadays the main part of the gas cylinders used in Russia (more than 90%) are the steel gas cylinders, produced as per GOST 15860 Standard and equipped by the isolation valve as per GOST 21804 Standard.

The long-term practice of using the gas cylinders of the local construction has confirmed its reliability subject to the compliance of all applicable safety rules and obligatory requirements to the refueling, distribution, transportation, storage and using of such gas cylinders. However the unavoidable changes of the market conditions (slackening of gas cylinders control and supervision over the market participants, diversification of the technologies of the gas cylinders refueling and transportation, extension of gas cylinders scope) resulted in the situation, when the local technology, applying nowadays, does not enforce the proper safety level of using the gas cylinders. This leads to the increasing number of accidents. For example, according to official statistics only for two years there were more than 350 accidents with gas cylinders in Russia. As a result more than 100 died, more than 1 100 were harmed, and people and the government sustained losses for many millions of rubles.

Such tendencies sustain the actualization of the timely gas cylinder’s maintenance aspects that reduces the potential risks in using gas cylinders.

Particular attention should be given to the certification (recertification) and requalification of cylinders. According to the Rules for Design and Safe Operation of Pressure Vessels (PK 03-576-03) cylinders must be certified (requalified) no less frequently than once every five years. Certification (recertification) and requalification of cylinders includes hydraulic proof test to examine the engineering concept of gas cylinder’s walls depreciation and its mechanical reliability, maintenance check of the globe valve and other examinations.

It is worth remembering that not every gas cylinder is repairable. Please connect our specialists for the close consultation before the gas cylinder delivery for the repair. 

Call +7 (495) 749-95-04 or place the order on our site to order for the repair of the gas cylinders in Moscow, or to ask any questions about gas cylinders’ repair.


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