Autogas Refilling Station

Autogas Refilling Station

Autogas refueling station services
Consumers - motor vehicles fueled by gas
- gas cylinders of any capacity
Fuel types - autogas (LPG car fuel)
Prices - autogas (LPG car fuel): on demand
Working hours From 06:00 AM till 20:00 PM by Moscow standard time, seven days a week even on weekend and public holidays
Payment arrangements Cash or cashless settlement

Autogas refueling station is located on the territory of Pushkinskaya GRS and provide gas (autogas and technical propane butane mixture) fueling services for motor vehicles.

The owners of motor vehicles fueled by gas are our potential consumers. We also rendergas delivery services for our clients at will.

Propane butane fuel with imperceivable propane exceedance (up to 60%) is used as filling mixture in summer season. In winter season the content of propane is ramped up (up to 70-90%) for safety considerations. The butane boiling temperature is about 0 degrees, while propane stays in liquid form at a temperature of -42 degrees.

Nowadays car owners and heads of organizations increasingly choose gas as a main type of the fuel for their motor vehicles. Such tendencies and changes in customer’s demand lead to the release of the motor vehicles with pre-installed gas equipment. This nullifies the necessity to convert the fuel supply system from the alternative types of the fuel (petrol and diesel oil) to gas. There are three reasons for such tendencies:

  • maintenance costs reduction (every kilometer of using gas is at an average cheaper by a third than one kilometer of using the petrol);
  • extension of the operational life of engines and motor oil;
  • considerable enhancement of environmental performances.

The increasing of the gas motor vehicles quantity leads to uprising of gas fuel demand that further results in growing demand for autogas refueling stations’ services. Nowadays the number of the autogas refueling stations in Moscow and Moscow region as in other Russian regions is on the rise. The improvement of competition causes the upgrading enhancement of the fuel and related services.

However, the customers meet with low grade fuel even nowadays. The prior evidence of the poor gas quality is the suspicious smell of the fuel. Operating of motor vehicles, fueled with low grade fuel, may cause a lot of problems:

  • short life of gas-cylinder equipment as a result of corrosion appearance in the gas-cylinder;
  • blinding and bridging of car’s filters;
  • excessive fuel flow rate.

Pushkinskaya GRS works only with high quality fuel of OAO”NK LUCOIL” which is confirmed by correspondent passports and compliance certificates.

Pushkinskaya GRS fuels gas with pump-and-compression method that results in high capacity of autogas refueling station.

The activity of gas industry’s market participants is strictly regulated by compliance monitoring and supervisor authorities and needs correspondent permission documentation, for example license for operations of industrial facilities with explosion and fire hazards. Such documentation is the security accreditation of the rendered services.


The rules of conduct and fueling schematic view for motor vehicles with gas- cylinder equipment on the autogas refueling station

  • All passengers must leave the motor vehicle prior the motor vehicle will drive up to the fuel-filling column.
  • Nobody must be in motor vehicle during the fueling process, the ignition must be turned off.
  • Free access to the fill unit of the gas-cylinder equipment must be given, all safety elements must be deleted.
  • Self-examination of the gas-cylinder equipment, self-checking of the appraisal terms, self-using of the gas nozzle, turning on or turning of the fuel-filling column is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
  • Motor vehicle may be cranked up ONLY after the tube is disconnected, safety elements are installed to the fill unit of the gas-cylinder equipment and after the special permission of the autogas refueling station personnel is received.

The advantages of the cars fuel filling on the Pushkinskaya GRS autogas refueling station.

  • Competent personnel. Attentive and professional personnel will be ready to help and to assist in any situations.
  • Modern technologies. All autogas refueling station are well-accomplished by imported and locally made equipment, which meets all modern standards and requirements of industrial safety and environmental protection.
  • Customized approach. We suggest special conditions to our corporate clients and discounts and promo activities for our retail clients.
  • Quality of the production. You may get a gas fuel from the leading manufacturers in Moscow. Gas fuel of OAO”NK LUCOIL”, which is used on Pushkinskaya GRS autogas refueling station means the high quality and high local and international standards, proved by correspondent passports and compliance certificates.
  • Availability. Convenient location and flexible working time system (without holidays and weekends) let our clients to get fuel at their convenience.

We render gas fuel services from 8:00 AM till 20:00 PM by Moscow standard time, seven days a week even on weekend and public holidays.

High quality service, technologies of leading manufacturers of local and international equipment, rational price policy are the distinctive aspects of our autogas refueling station that will be a welcome surprise for our clients!

Call +7 (495) 993-41-19 to learn more about gas fuel services, provided by Pushkinskaya GRS or to find answers to any and all your questions about our autogas refueling station.

How to reach us


To reach our autogas refueling station you should turn from high-road “Yaroslavskoe shosse” near “Tarasovskii” market place to the Lenin street, drive straightway nearly 1,2 km, and then turn to the left.

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